Graham Field Everest And Jennings Traveler L3 Wheelchair,Seat 18"W X 16"D Detachable Desk Arm,Elevating Leg-Rest,Each,3F010130

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Graham Field Everest And Jennings Traveler L3 Wheelchair is the newest lightweight wheelchair addition to the Traveler line, a brand respected for performance and durability

Designed with dual axles and multi-position caster forks, this wheelchair provides an adjustable seat height of 18 or 20 inches

The Traveler L3 is manufactured with the same commitment to quality Everest Jennings is known for

The Traveler L3 lightweight frame is the ideal K0003 Medicare coded wheelchair built for short and long term use as well as rental needs

The wheelchair comes standard with non-marking polyurethane tires and industry compatible front rigging